Beautiful, hardy Shrub Roses and Hybrid Teas

   We've specialized in roses for many years and helped to found High Country Roses, currently based in Colorado. Locally, we carry over 100 varieties ranging from the original rose species found in nature to the latest introductions in modern hybrid teas. Many of our roses are grown on their own roots, rather than grafted to a different rootstock, ensuring that the rose will remain true to the original variety.

   Our roses include old fashioned varieties brought west by the pioneers, like 'Austrian Copper', and 'Hattie Burton', as well as hardy Canadian Shrub Roses bred to withstand our tough climate and bloom all summer. Our favorite Canadian roses are 'Winnipeg Parks', 'John Davis' and 'Morden Sunrise'.

   We carry gorgeous modern Hybrid Teas, Floribundas and Climbers from Weeks Roses and also have a nice selection of English roses, including 'Abraham Darby' and 'Tamora'.

   For growing information, see our cold climate Guide for Growing Roses.

English Rose 'Abraham Darby'

'Hattie Burton', climber from the 1920's

She passed the rose along to many local residents.

The pioneer rose 'Harison's Yellow'

'Aunt Honey', exquisite Hybrid Tea form with extra hardiness - developed by Griffith Buck

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